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Minimum Free Space Oven ( MFS)

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Minimum Free Space Oven ( MFS) Product : Carbolite - England For the determination of moisture in coal and coke by drying in a nitrogen atmosphere as described in BS 1016 : Parts 1, 3 & 4. General information Heating element : Resistance wire embedded into a refractory slab Insulation : Mineral wool slab Chamber : Formed from an aluminium casing to provide a uniform temperature throughout the chamber Door : A hinged door incorporating a gas tight seal and easily operated with one hand Atmosphere : A nitrogen inlet is provided at the back of the oven. Ingoing nitrogen passes through a pre-heating chamber before entering the front of the work chamber. Flow meters : These are provided as standard to monitor the gas input and output. An exhaust change- over valve allows the output flowmeter to be by-passed during operation, preventing the build of condensation in the flow meter. Case : Fabricated from zinc coated steel sheet Specification details : Maximum temperature : 200 oC Chamber dimensions : 25 x 195 x 290mm External dimensions : 185 x 490 x 450mm Temperature sensor : Mineral insulated NICr/ NiAl thermocouple Controls : Choice of Carbolite 301 controller or 8 or 20 segment Eurotherm programmers Optional extras : Desiccator with a welded steel case contains inlet and outlet tubes for the admission of nitrogen, with quick release door. Power control : Solid state relay Maximum power ( 240V input) : 0.5kW Power supply required : 220V/ 240V single phase, 50/ 60Hz ( other voltages available to special order)